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Thing > Property > mainEntityOfPage

Indicates a page (or other CreativeWork) for which this thing is the main entity being described. See background notes for details.

Inverse-property: mainEntity.

Values expected to be one of these types
Used on these types

Example 1
      <h1>Cath's Cafe</h1>
      <p>Open: Daily from 11:00am till 8pm</p>
      <p>Phone: 555-0100-3344</p>
      <p>View <a href="/menu">our menu</a>.</p>
<div itemscope itemtype="" itemid="#thecafe">
    <a itemprop="mainEntityOfPage" href=""><h1 itemprop="name">Cath's Cafe</h1></a>
    <p>Open: <span itemprop="openingHours" content="Mo,Tu,We,Th,Fr,Sa,Su 11:00-20:00">Daily from 11:00am till 8pm</span></p>
    <p>Phone: <span itemprop="telephone" content="+155501003344">555-0100-3344</span></p>
    <p>View <a itemprop="hasMenu" href="/menu">our menu</a>.</p>
<div vocab="" typeof="Restaurant" resource="#thecafe">
    <a property="mainEntityOfPage" href=""><h1 property="name">Cath's Cafe</h1></a>
    <p>Open: <span property="openingHours" content="Mo,Tu,We,Th,Fr,Sa,Su 11:00-20:00">Daily from 11:00am till 8pm</span></p>
    <p>Phone: <span property="telephone" content="+155501003344">555-0100-3344</span></p>
    <p>View <a property="hasMenu" href="/menu">our menu</a>.</p>
<script type="application/ld+json">
    "@context": "",
      "@type": "Restaurant",
      "mainEntityOfPage": {
         "@type": "WebPage",
         "@id": ""
      "name": "Cath's Cafe",
      "openingHours": "Mo,Tu,We,Th,Fr,Sa,Su 11:00-20:00",
      "telephone": "+155501003344",
      "hasMenu": "/menu"